• A New Hair Restoration •

If you are someone who is experiencing emotional lost of self-esteem,

because you lose of hair – Federico Salon has the perfect solution for you –

The absolute healthy and unique technique.


New Hair Restoration

Ms. Vickie L. Williams launched and established Victoria Strands™ as an innovative and organic hair enhancement method in 2001.

Her ever-expanding, multiethnic client base are a testament to the quality of her product and her art.

The Victoria Strands™ Method provides distinct advantages over other hair enhancement and extension methods in that it is completely organic AND durable. It requires no glue or harmful chemicals for application or removal of the 100% human hair extensions that are custom blended to match each client’s hair type and texture.

Above all things, Ms. Vickie L. W illiams actively promotes holistic health through her product and method. Ms. Williams understands the importance of creating balance between physical health and self-esteem. Stress caused by hair damage and loss can disturb that balance, making it difficult to focus on other aspects of healing that require a low-stress life style. Specifically, the Victoria Strands™ Method provides clients with beautiful hair, an aspect of our aesthetic that can enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Robust Hair to hair technique. An unique hand-sewing technique that attaches thread directly to the client’s natural hair.
  • Safe, Organic, Glue and Chemicals FREE.
  • Moves like natural hair.
  • It is absolutely light. Attaching hair strand by strand without using glue, wax, nets, or braids.
  • This method assists in rehabilitative hair re-growth. 

Brushing, washing, conditioning, relaxing, and coloring can all be done as you would with your own hair.

Carol Before

Carol After