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The Mediterranean Braid was created by Federico Salon to be able to incorporate braids with updos. This one of kind braid is truly a show as you create it. It is meant to be used as a base or supplement for an updo. It is extremely difficult to do on yourself but, devastatingly easy to do on friends. You will be the talk of the town with this amazing braid. Just be careful who you do it to because the will be coming back for more.

This updo braid is easiest to accomplish on long slightly dirty hair. We suggest to blow dry the hair, first applying Fa’Briq Volumizing Mist liberally on the roots and a bit on the ends, wavy or curly but not straight. A bit of bounce and movement will make it much easier to finish this look. Don’t forget to keep Fa’Briq Aero Tec brushable hairspray handy. Applying a bit of spray to your fingertips as you go along will ensure a clean static and frizz free finished look.

  1. Bring the hair into a high ponytail at the center of the crown with an elastic band or zip tie.
  2. Start the braid using small thin sections of hair and the traditional French braid technique. Do only 2 small sections.
  3. Now start to incorporate new hair from the back of the ponytail into the sides.
  4. Take a small thin section of hair from the back center of the ponytail and bring it to the front with the section of the braid moving towards the center. Do this each time the braid is moved toward the center from both the left and right.
  5. Once there is no more hair to take from finish the French braid and secure using an elastic.
  6. Take the bottom of the braid and loop it under and up towards the beginning of the braid and secure it in place using bobby pins or zip ties.
  7. Now pinch the first two sections of the French braid that were initially started and pull it forwards and upwards towards the top front of the head
  8. The pieces of the ponytail that were incorporated into the sides should open up creating a beautiful cascade effect with a French braid at the heart of it.
  9. You may now pin it or mess it up to create a stunning and easy updo or simply leave it alone for the wow factor.
  10. Get ready for compliments and lots of gazes. Your friends and family will be amazed by this.