Curly Hair

Curly hair is back in trend. Come in to make your hair impressive and beauty.

Our stylists specialize in Curly Hair.

curly hair

Federico finds innovation in the most unlikely of places allowing him to find the perfect techniques to tame your curly locks. Curly hair is out of the mold and the techniques required are very different. It takes a bit of genius and innovation to realize a curly cut from just an idea or photo. The art of cutting hair like that has is an extremely wonderful and precise experience.

“Curly hair is something amazing, the natural curl pattern is not something even the best perms can make!” – Federico


Dry cutting curls is the key to creating the right look without you going home with frizzy unmanageable hair. The traditional cutting rules are thrown out the window for Curly Hair and instead it is a very emotional cut where feeling and eye are principal.

*Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Besides an amazing haircut, we have also the best products to take care about your hair.

Whether it’s wavy, curly or tight texture, curls have special needs.

CURL MOJO products are specially formulated with sophisticated ingredients and necessary nutrients, using the latest scientific breakthroughs. They are designed to enhance curls with moisture, definition, shine and bounce, while providing frizz-control.

Our meticulous selection of ingredients, ensures that our products are gentle on the hair and deliver the necessary results to improve the quality of your curls.

We have 3 lines of the product: Care, Style, and Finish.

• CARE •

Curl Mojo “CARE” tools are conducive to improve the quality of your curls!


Curl Mojo “STYLE” tools define curls, control frizz and leave hair soft and bouncy with playable hold!