Federico Salon Valentines day

Valentine’s Day Tips

Spice up your look, whether you are single or happily taken, Valentine’s day is yours to show off how sexy you are!

While your significant other is making all the plans and putting together a night to remember, it’s only fair that you put yourself together in a way to make it a night he can’t forget. Below are the perfect last minute tips and tricks for your hair and makeup (red lips is harder than it sounds) to make you look and feel like a bombshell!

Picking out the perfect outfit is hard enough let alone what to do for hair and makeup. We narrowed it down for you by keeping in mind 3 simple rules; it needs to be smudge proof (in case he gets down on one knee ☺), it can’t take you hours to pull the right look together, and you need to look beyond sexy (think Scarlett Johansen!).

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  1. Smudged smoky eyes with BIG LASHES will bring the attention to your eyes. Use a pencil eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes and gently smudge it. Don’t exaggerate and make it look like Morticia Addams, it should give a very gentle blending. Create an outer v using a chagol charcoal pencil eyeliner and smudge it by pulling towards the tail of the eyebrow. Follow up on this by giving them more pop using a liquid eyeliner on the inside of the eyes to give true definition.
  2. FALSIES! A women’s best friend to make them extra glamourous. Remember to trim them to size and curl your natural lashes before applying them. Go back over the inner eyelids with eyeliner to make sure of the definition
  3. Now we can start with any foundation and concealer. Remember to use correctors for any dark circles using a salmon color.
  4. Using a light apricot blush will ensure your RED LIPSTICK will fit your skin tone perfectly! NARS Super Orgasm Blush is amazing.
  5. Using a blue toned red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter and enhance your smile. We suggest using MAC Ruby Woo or NARS Cruella Lip PencilPasted Graphic

Your crown is the finishing look. To accentuate your face, an updo will work best for the night. Try a sleek Chignon to save time and get the perfect refined look.

  1. Take out your trusty friend the flat iron and go to town, smoothening and shining everything. Use Fa’Briq Lustrous serum to give extra shine afterwards.
  2. Tease the top front of your hair a bit to give extra volume. Remember to smooth it out gently while leaving the volume.
  3. Create a ponytail at the crown using a hair-tie. Leaving the hair, a bit loose will allow you the freedom of letting some pieces fall and frame your face.
  4. Now twist the ponytail and wrap it around the hair-tie to create a bun. Use bobby pins to hold it in place.

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